What is Project Jellyfish?

Project Jellyfish is an open source cloud services broker solution created by Booz Allen Hamilton. Project Jellyfish is a customizable and automated platform where you can provision and manage all your on- and off-premise IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud services from a single pane of glass. This unique solution simplifies and centralizes your growing portfolio of cloud resources and enables you to innovate for the future.

What is a cloud service broker (CSB)?

A CSB is your partner in acquiring resources from the cloud. The broker sits between you and your cloud provider, and simplifies the administrative headache of acquiring cloud services. Project Jellyfish is a CSB that instantly delivers resources from your cloud provider using custom automated processes and business rules.

What is a cloud service management platform?

A cloud service management platform is a tool used by administrators to monitor and maintain the various aspects of their cloud environment including servers and other instances, billing and chargeback, project resources and funds, etc. Project Jellyfish enables users to provision and manage public and private XaaS resources from a single platform.

Why Open Source?

As an open source platform, Project Jellyfish can be customized to fit your cloud’s unique requirements and interact with your increasingly disparate resources. Project Jellyfish also leverages input from a diverse community of individual users and enterprises who understand, first hand, what it takes to successfully manage a cloud environment. Mold, bend, break, and shape Jellyfish so that it works with your project.

What are Blueprints?

Blueprints are packaged solutions that define how to take the core jellyfish product, combine it with different modules (Chef, Puppet, ManageIQ, Sensu, Nagios, advanced security app, etc.), install, and configure them for use to solve specific problems such as advanced brokering, PaaS, or data analytics. A Blueprint could be an install document, or it could be a Chef cookbook that configures everything for you.

How do I get Project Jellyfish?

Project Jellyfish can be downloaded from Github. There, you will find documentation and instructions for running Chef Cookbooks for setting up your platform.

Which clouds are supported?

Out of the box, Project Jellyfish supports AWS and VMware instances. Booz Allen is also working with Microsoft and Google to ensure Jellyfish is available to Azure and Google Cloud users.

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