Docker Installation

Guide to running API with Docker

Installing Docker

Please see Docker's installation instructions available here:


The Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml are the two files that properly configure Project Jellyfish to run on Docker. It is highly recommended that you change the secret keys in the docker-compose.yml file if you are running in production.
The keys in the file are not secure.

Note: You should use the Docker container boozallen/projectjellyfish:latest

To begin running Project Jellyfish in Docker, check out the code from git.

git clone

Change into that directory, and then type the following:

docker-compose up

Once the containers are up and running, you will need to populate the database. To do this, you will need to exec into the running 'web' containers, via this command

docker exec web

Once into the container, change into the directory that has the Project Jellyfish code, and type the following commands:

rake db:setup
rake db:seed
rake setup:demo

Once this is done successfully, you can disconnect from the container. At this point you should be able to login to your Project Jellyfish instance. Get your URL by typing:

boot2docker ip

The application will be running at that returned ip on port 3000. The default username and password are:

Password: jellyfish